Who We Are

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Mike Heller "The Big Kat"

Owner/ Sales

Standing at 6’9”, he’s a stature you’ll never forget. Known in offices across the country as “the tall guy”. A mover, shaker, and road warrior. Creates value for customers through innovative solutions; track record in sourcing existing technology, adapting it, and introducing it to the benefit of other industries.

Likes: Boxed wine at night with his wife “Tutu.” Gambling on the golf course, and small-scale and well calculated bets on every sport you can think of. He reads every book written about his favorite not-so-fictional bad ass character, Jack Reacher. Oftentimes, after yet another several hour binge of an entire book, the Big Kat can be heard saying with a confident smirk on his face, “You don’t mess with Reacher.”

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Cory Morris


The Everything Guy. Track record in making those innovative ideas come to life; sourcing materials, cutting costs to create value. Loading trucks, paying bills, and signing checks.. the list goes on!

Likes: Golf, hot stock picks, and fixing anything that breaks in the family (or at least we all act like he loves fixing our broken things). He certainly loves the biggest and baddest gadgets on the market. Including, in the near future, to be proud owner of a big ole truck in addition to the already family van. Family man; husband to Lyndsey and father to Joey Belle, Maverick, and Rex!

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Andy Heller

Owner/ Sales

At 6'0" with a deep breath and stretched spine, this apple fell 9" from the massive stature of the Big Kat. A business man at heart but often found in the frustrations of maneuvering the intricacies of graphic design, product development, and brand recognition... all for the sweet purpose of creating deals for Mavrik and customers.

Likes: Bulletproof coffee, workouts, and hoops... occasional struggle on the golf course. Penny stock diamond investor (MRGE, TGGI). Survivor of newborn sleep deprivation with trophy wife, Lizzy.