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Why Innovative Mats Are Crucial For Heavy Equipment

Tried and true crane mats are a staple for the heavy equipment operation process. However, for the most part they are a necessary evil. Mavrik is alleviating the recurring money hole that crane mats have been for our customers. Check out our timber mats and more online today!

Tire tracks in dirt

Can Help Protect the Earth From Deep Tracks and Other Damage

Track closures and destroyed soil are something no one wants to deal with from heavy equipment on private or public lands. At the same time, a job site is unaccessible without the use of ground protection. Crane mats have been a fantastic solution but with a huge cost. We're bringing what the industry has needed, permanent sustainability.

Heavy equipment outside

Protects your Equipment

Timber mats for heavy equipment are like train tracks for a locomotive; there’s going to be a whole lot of damage without a paved path. If heavy equipment goes without proper crossings and stability, it can become damaged in accidents from ditches from uncovered terrain.

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Best of the 3plys: Bolted Mats VS Treated CLTs

Bolted 3ply mats, being primarily composed of mixed hardwoods, carry the benefit of raw material costs such as in our current day when the lumber market (ie softwoods) are high. However, Mavrik's line of treated 3ply CLT variations allow for tremendous freight savings.. up to 52 mats per truck!

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Crane Mats Vs. CLT Mats

Crane mats are timber-based with a steel bolt finish. However, in the debate of timber vs. CLT mats, crane mats are not tested for quality or strength. While crane mats contain an excellent level of industry-standard thickness to hold heavy equipment, CLT mats are engineered, tested for quality and strength to guarantee reliability in performance.

Our timber mats make any job more manageable, so if you need an excellent source for heavy equipment support on your next project, get a quote from Mavrik for your project today!