CLT Engineering

CLT is short for Cross Laminated Timbers. A technology for which the first patents emerged in Europe nearly 100 years ago. Originally thrived as the superior building material across Europe, but in the last 7 years repurposed to be used in the matting industry. CLTs are made exclusively from kiln dried Southern Yellow Pine, cut to 2”x 8” or 2”x10” boards and compressed together cross laminated style with a wood penetrating adhesive rather than bolts. Engineered CLT panels are the strongest building material in the world because their construction allows for weight load to be transferred evenly throughout every available square inch of the mat, rather than pivoting entirely on relatively few metal bolts.

Mavrik’s line of CLTs come in every existing mat dimension to be a sustainable, more environmentally friendly, and a net zero C02 emission matting alternative. This is because CLT panels are made exclusively from kiln dried Southern Yellow Pine. This species grows in 20-25 years versus 50-100 for hardwoods. In fact, studies have shown that pine forests produce more CO2 emissions if they are not sustainably cut and replenished every 30 years. Any less than that, its unsustainable. If more than that, the trees die and release more CO2 into the atmosphere than if they were sustainably maintained in 30 year cycles.