Engineered Crane Mats

Mavrik has developed CLTs to replace the mixed hardwood mats that in recent years have been used in lieu of the rare and costly pure oak mats.


Component Bed Mats (5-ply)

4’x8’ or 4’x10’

4’x8’ or 10’ timber mats are moved frequently on wind projects. However, they only serve as a bed to lay components on. They typically last as long as the wood will due to their low impact use. For this solution, Mavrik has opted for Cu-Nap treated CLTs that allow for an astonishing 72 mats per truck compared to 42 of mixed hardwood 4’x8’s. Not only does this save 71% in freight costs, but they withstand the elements for years to come, significantly reducing replacement costs. Read more about our wood treatment options here.

7ply stock image.png

Dance Floor Mats (7-ply)

8’x14’, 8’x16’, 4’x20’, 8’x20’

Timber Mats can’t dance.. Mixed hardwood 4’x20’x12” crane mats have become so common the construction industry at large has forgotten the superiority of the pure oak mats of old. As frogs in boiling water, the transition to the more widely available mix of hardwoods was subtle enough to go unnoticed. Contractors nationwide are accustomed to replacing their 12” timber mats after only a job or two, a costly recurring charge on projects. And it is simply because the wood is less dense, making it softer and easier to decompose by the environment. As a solution, Mavrik has developed CLT versions better fit for the job in every way; CLT + EPA certified wood treatments allow for 15 per truck of our 4’x20’ crane mats instead of 10; a 50% savings in freight costs. The wood treatment effectively “seals” the mat 1.5” thick in all directions, shielding it from natural decomposition. A more permanent solution.

Also, available in 8’x20’ for half as many touches allowing for quicker install.

Read more about about CLT engineering here and our wood preservation treatments here.