Wood Preservation Treatments

Mavrik’s available EPA certified wood preservation treatments allow for permanent structures, for which no new trees will need to be cut to replace as often as they currently are. In the matting world, this translates to less mats purchased and less trees cut. Also, kiln dried Southern Yellow Pine is a lighter wood allowing for at least 40% reduction in freight costs and less trucks on the road overall for the energy industry.


Copper Naphthenate is the “prescription” version of Koppertox. According to AWPA specifications, once Cu-Nap is applied to a CLT, it is considered the same as plywood. Solvent-based which allow for the copper to penetrate the wood membranes 1.5” in all directions of the mat. The solvents evaporate within 24 hours after application leaving you with a copper sealed mat. The benefit of Cu-Nap is that it does not add any weight to the CLT, preserving your savings in freight and the life of your mats.

SDS Sheet


Available as an over-the-counter alternative to Cu-Nap and is a little less expensive. However, it does not have AWPA specifications.

CCA Pressure Treatment

CCA is short for Chromated copper arsenate. CCA pressure treatment is available on CLTs with widths up to 5’ and in any length. The benefit of CCA is that it allows for the chemical to seep in throughout the mat making it entirely treated. The disadvantage, however, is it makes your CLT about the same weight as its hardwood timber mat version.

MSDS Sheet